Maya Martirossyan

Maya Martirossyan
Photo credit: Sabrina Li

B.S. in Physics, Harvey Mudd College, 2017


Maya is a Ph.D. student researching growth mechanisms of complex crystal structures using molecular dynamics simulations. Prior to joining the Dshemuchadse group, she worked in experimental soft matter physics, studying grain boundary dynamics in 2D colloidal crystals.


Cash, C.E., Wang, J., Martirossyan, M.M.,, Ludlow, B.K., Baptista, A.E., Brown, N.M., Weissler, E.J., Abacousnac, J., Gerbode, S.J., “Local melting attracts grain boundaries in colloidal polycrystals,” Physical Review Letters 120, 018002 (2018).
Note: Chosen as Editor’s Suggestion and featured in APS Physics Focus story.

Guelou, G., Martirossyan, M., Ogata, K., Ohkubo, I., Kakefuda, Y., Kawamoto, N., Kitagawa, Y., Ueda, J., Tanabe, S., Maeda, K., Nakamura, K., Aizawa, T., Mori, T., “Rapid deposition and thermoelectric properties of ytterbium boride thin films using hybrid physical chemical vapor deposition,” Materialia 1, 244-248 (2018).

Warren, E.L., Makoutz, E.A., Saenz, T., Martirossyan, M., Matheson, A., Neumann, A., Norman, A.G., Tamboli, A.C., Zimmerman, J.D., McMahon, W.E., “Enabling Low-Cost III-V/Si Integration Through Nucleation Of GaP On V-Grooved Si Substrates,” paper presented at World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC) (2018).

Oral Presentations

M. Martirossyan, M. Spellings, J. Dshemuchadse, “Local signatures of emerging global order in complex crystal growth.” APS March Meeting, March 15-19, 2021, Virtual, Talk V07.00006.

M. Martirossyan, J. Dshemuchadse, “Fabrication & self-assembly – growing crystal structures.” Cornell Nanoscale Facility Annual Meeting, September 10, 2020, Virtual, Invited Talk.

M. Martirossyan, J. Wang, C. Cash, K. Ludlow, A. Baptista, S. Gerbode, “Probing colloidal grain boundary dynamics using a novel optical blasting technique.” APS 2017 March Meeting, New Orleans, LA (2017).

Honors and Awards

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund Fellowship

Don & Lauren Morel Graduate Fellowship in Materials Science

Rick & Betty Tsai Graduate Fellowship in Materials Science

Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) US Graduate Scholarship

Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) Ethel Jafarian Duffett Scholarship


Maya is currently a volunteer with the Educational Programs Office at the Cornell Center for Materials Research and the Cornell Prison Education Program.


Maya is from Glendale, CA and in her free time enjoys playing violin, reading, hiking around Ithaca, and has started learning to figure skate since coming to Cornell. She has a cat named Emmy (after Emmy Noether) and far too many plants.

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