MEng Students

Praveen Varadaraj
Photo credit: Maya Martirossyan
Praveen K. Varadaraj (he/him/his)
MEng student, 2019-2020
MEng student (Materials Science and Engineering), Cornell University, 2019-
BTech (Mechanical Engineering), GITAM Hyderabad, India, 2019
next position: → internship @ Sartomer in Exton, PA
Ryan Prager
Photo credit: Maya Martirossyan
Ryan Prager (he/him/his)
MEng student, 2020
MEng (Materials Science and Engineering), Cornell University, 2020
BEng (Materials Engineering), McMaster University, Canada, 2019
next position: → systems engineer @ Applied Materials in Boston, MA

Undergraduate Students

Amy Wang
Photo credit: Maya Martirossyan
Amy Wang (she/her/hers)
undergraduate researcher, 2019-2020
BSc student (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Cornell University, 2019-
Rees Chang
Photo credit: Maya Martirossyan
Rees Chang (he/him/his)
(senior thesis, 2019-2020)
BSc (Materials Science and Engineering), Cornell University, 2016-2020
next position: → PhD student @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Materials Science and Engineering (co-advised by Elif Ertekin @ Mechanical Science and Engineering and Jian Peng @ Computer Science)

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